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Products - Introduction

Sequoia offers a wide range of retail solutions for your retailling needs! We have a comprehensive list of POS frontend solutions for various sectors to enable you to harness maximum returns of your business. Our BackOffice and HQ systems ensure all information flows seamlessly from POS to the HQ System for consolidation.

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Our Retail Solution
As you can see, Sequoia's Product supports the frontend gPOS through Sequoia Back Office System, to the HQ ERP system. This POS solutions enable retailers to serve customers and market products better and complete more effectively. The retail operation can be optimised by the use of integration. Our POS systems enables retailers to fully integrate the sales into back office Inventory Control as well as keeping track of loyalty customers' entire purchasing histories.

Empowered with this information, retailers are now able to use this data for planning specific sales promotions and target marketing campaigns, across multiple channels. Our POS system can better manage reaction to pricing strategy such as test-market pricing concepts, sales promotions, and new products pricing strategy.

Sequoia Retail Solution is Scalabile. This is an essential features for forward-looking entreprenurs who does not shop at one or two restaurants operations. Sequoia POS solutions allow them to easily expand the number of stores and, possibly, even e-commerce options. The solution must enable the retailer to keep the same software and systems as it grow into multiple stores and retail channels.

The ability to manage inventory effectively can be the difference between success and failure for retailers. On the other hand, optimally balanced inventories can be a powerful competitive advantage by delivering huge cost savings and sustainable performance improvements. Bearing this in mind, the need to successfully plan and optimise inventories is critical. Sequoia's solution is able to identify the fast moving and slow moving product and the margin of the turnover on the retail space employed



  POS solutions enable retailers to serve customers and market products better and complete more effectively.
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